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Sébastien Georget

Details on the NuxGroupCalendar installation : Vincent Mayoux

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Revision History
Revision 0.5.219/12/2003

Details on the NuxGroupCalendar installation by Vincent Mayoux.

Revision 0.5.128/11/2003

Added actions description in the NuxGroupCalendar section. Link to the CVS version rather than the Groupware Suite section which is bugged.

Revision 0.522/09/2003

Added a section on NuxGroupCalendar (shared calendars).

Revision 0.4

Starting translation into english

Revision 0.328/08/2003

Small introduction to virtual hosting

Revision 0.214/08/2003

Update of the ZMI section. New section on my work at OSE (to remove or to move as example ?).

Revision 0.113/08/2003

Initial release


This document aims to ease the installation and the administration of CPS (2.2). This is not an introduction to ZOPE, neither to PYTHON, see section Links for more information on these topics.


This document is still under construction, however if you find errors you can contact me at http://georget.sebastien.free.fr.


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The following articles (french) introduce DocBook.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to CPS
Zope Management Interface
Installation / Configuration
Création d'une rubrique et attribution des droits
Création des comptes utilisateurs et des groupes
Ajouter un espace de travail
Useful products
WYSIWIG editor (Epoz)
GNU Free Documentation License